Maximize fuel efficiency and optimize engine performance with a high performance cold air intake system.

A vehicle’s performance always starts with proper vehicle maintenance.  But if you want to be able to squeeze every bit of power from your engine and aim for optimum performance, getting the best performing air intake system is the quick way to achieve it.

To explain simply, the vehicle’s engine runs on a proper balance of the mixture of fuel and air for its combustion.  However, the intake creates noise so the usual design of car manufacturers of the intake tube is to minimize the noise.  In coming up with the quietest engine possible, power efficiency is sacrificed.  The original design is an intake tube with multiple bends.  On one hand, it reduces the noise but the downside is the reduced air volume that is delivered to the combustion chamber.  And because the airbox in the engine compartment is completely confined, the air is hot when it is taken in.  The result of the mixing fuel with the warm and limited air is lower power efficiency.

However, performance problems are easy to solve with replacing the air intake tubes with performance air intake kits.  These intake tubes have fewer bends and much a much wider pipe than the original design.  Because of this altered devise, these is a greater volume of air that flows in and fills the combustion chamber.  More oxygen molecules circulating inside to ignite the fuel in an efficient and balanced mixture results to optimizing the power of the engine.  Also, some of these new air intake kits also move the box from within to outside of the engine compartment ensuring that what it sucks in is cooler air compared with getting a warm air if it is left in its old location.


Here are two of the most important benefits that a high performance air intake system provides for you:

  • Instant increase in your engine horsepower and torque

With the new intake tube sucking a greater volume of cooler air, the engine is not restricted as with the limiting stock system.  Combining the right amount of oxygen-rich air inside the combustion chamber, the fuel could burn more efficiently optimizing the engine’s performance and providing more power.

  • Better fuel economy and throttle response boost

Because of the air flowing more freely into the combustion chamber, fuel is burned more efficiently therefore maximizing fuel and converting it to power up the engine.  Fuel being burned more efficiently means more value for every drop of fuel.

Air intake systems are available in varied styles and material – from plastic to rubber or metal to composite materials such as fiberglass or carbon fiber.  It also differs from car models and engine design.  This site offers reviews of the many different intake systems that you could look into and consider which is best to bring out the power of your engine and optimize it to allow your vehicle to run at its peak performance.

So, read our different air intake reviews to find which is best for you!


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